Investing for Mommies

Now I wouldn’t call myself a feminist, but I love reading about successful female CEOs.

I’m especially fascinated by females who have done exceptionally well and are the same age as me or younger!

So the other day when I found myself on the list of top 100 successful females in America, I stumbled upon Alexa von Tobel.

She’s 31 and killing it.

She’s started multiple extremely successful companies and is now the CEO of a company called LearnVest.

And once I went down that wormhole, there was no turning back.

Unfortunately for me, LearnVest is only available to citizens with American bank accounts. Which I don’t have.

So after a little bit of research, I found a similar company in Canada called WealthSimple.

It’s a group of very intelligent men and women who have started an online investing program for those of us who need a little help in that department.

I’m the one who deals with all of the finances in our house (my mother-in-law calls me the Banker Girl) and while I have always been interested in investing, I’ve never had someone around who knows enough about it to guide me.

So I took a leap and signed up for WealthSimple.

Within the first few days I received several personal emails from the  CEO and other partners saying thanks for signing up and giving me their phone number if I had any questions.

It’s a bit of a leap of faith handing over your banking information to people you don’t know but they removed that barrier quickly.WealthSimple 400

I got an email this morning that said they already have 10,000 Canadians investing in a little over a year since their inception.

While I’m still in the juvenile stages with our investment, I would rather see our money do something more than sit in a low interest TFSA (tax-free savings account) or RRSP (registered retirement savings plan).

I’ve already spoken on the phone with Dave Nugent, WealthSimple‘s Portfolio Manager and CCO who wanted a little bit of insight on my investment goals.

The conversation certainly helped me calm my fears about starting my investment relationship with them, plus it’s great to feel like you actually matter to a company.

That personal touch really goes a long way.

Plus, WealthSimple‘s team is built of a bunch of young entrepreneurs who I’m more than happy to back with my business.

If you’ve always been interested in investing have either been scared by the cost or you are clueless like me, I would definitely recommend them!

Screenshot from WealthSimple’s Website

(Of course, investing isn’t just for Mommies.. it’s for everyone and the sooner you start, the better!  I have no affiliation with WealthSimple in terms of compensation, I just think  they have a really good thing going on!)


What are your investment goals or dreams? What are you saving up for?



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