7 People Who Will Get You Excited to Make Money Online

I get bored pretty easily. I usually don’t feel challenged by jobs and I end up waiting for my 8 hours to be up so I can go home to hubby.

In the last little while since I started working on my blog, writing more, and researching blogging, SEO and making an online income, I finally feel excited every day to wake up and work.

I love connecting with other people around the world, reading their articles, visiting their blogs and filling my brain with all of this new, amazing information.

There isn’t an exact timeline to my process of beginning my blog and pursuing an online career but I do have some marked websites and subscriptions that I follow that still help me every day to get excited about this journey.

These people have done it and done it right.

Check out what these successful people are up to and how they can help you change your life.

  1. Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You To Be Rich

    • Somewhere in the midst of me Google searching how to invest money, I ran into this man’s website – I would hype him up more but his ego is already pretty huge.Ramit Sethi
    • He’s written a book by the same name of his website which I’m pretty sure is a NY Times Best Seller. (He’ll tell you)
    • He has free and paid courses on how to find your dream job, how to create an online business, and how to earn more money.
    • The emails he sends through his subscriptions are usually funny, informative and keep you thinking.
    • Try the Free Tools page to start and see if you like his stuff. It’s how I first started getting excited about doing something different with my life!
  2. Kyle and Carson’s Wealthy Affiliate

    • Ramit pushed me in the direction of wanting to start an online business of sorts.  As I was researching different ways to do this, I found Wealthy Affiliate.Kyle and Carson - Wealthy Affiliate
    • All of the reviews I read on it showed me that it wasn’t a scam and it was a great community of people all working towards the same common goal: online income.
    • There is a free “Online Entrepreneur Course” to get you started on your blog and help you learn the ins and outs of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the finer details of setting yourself up online.
    • You can, of course, sign up for a premium account which gets you access to more videos and communication with the founders.
  3. Matt Mullenweg’s WordPress

    • From here, I started getting into the fun stuff! If you are looking to start an easy to function blog, WordPress is the way to go.Matt Mullenweg
    • Aside from being extremely user friendly, there is a great
      community of users and easy ways to connect with each other. (When you are looking to build your audience, this is really helpful).
    • I started writing every day to the point now where sometimes I get up on weekend days at 7:30 just because I have something in my brain that I want to write about.
  4. Catherine’s Butter Nutrition – Blog

    • This blog has just really been a great example for me in learningCatherine - Butter Nutrition what a successful blog in my niche is and does.
    • Her emails are informative and I have learned a lot about my body, digestion, and nutrition.  She has a really different take on all of these things!
    • If you are looking for an example of what a great “mommy” blog looks like, I would visit her site!
  5. Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Work Week

    • This is the book that I’m currently reading and WOW, it just Tim Ferriss - 4 Hour Work Weekgets you all amped up to get things done!
    • Tim speaks a lot on efficiency and effectiveness and making sure you’re not wasting your time on menial tasks (including email!)
    • Learn how to prioritize tasks, people and daily activities and make more time for you and your family.
    • Also a NY Times Best Seller – and not coincidentally, Ramit and Tim are pretty good friends.
  6. Saira’s Mom Resource – Website

    • I actually just stumbled upon this website today. I’m learning Saira - Mom Resourcehow to increase my Twitter followers, and learning a little bit more about affiliate linking and sponsorships.
    • I like her website because it’s written by a successful mommy blogger, which I have dreams to be one day!
    • It’s a pretty basic site and she could probably use a little more content but what’s there is definitely worth the read.
  7. Jon Morrow’s Serious Bloggers Only & Boost Blog Traffic

    • If you are looking for some seriously awesome (and free) articles on how to increase blog traffic and write better blog Jon Morrowposts, anything by Jon Morrow will get the gears turning.
    • I was first introduced to Jon by this blog post called “How to Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise and Get Paid to Change the World”.  It’s good. Really good. How come you aren’t reading it already??
    • He has tons of courses (a lot of them paid) but the information you will glean from this guy and everyone he works with, priceless. Or just go for the endless pit of free stuff.

I hope these books, websites and blogs will help you on your blogging journey and maybe a life where you can work from home or a coffee shop – or a beach!

These are super inspiring and successful people who know how to do well in this business. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there!

Just open your mind, read, and write, write, write!



3 thoughts on “7 People Who Will Get You Excited to Make Money Online

  1. Great resource and I can’t wait to check out these links. Sounds like they’ll be very helpful for me as I try to work out how to make an income from doing what I love – thanks!

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