There’s No Shame in Miscarrying


1 out of 10.

No matter how you look at it, miscarriages are common. And until you have one and start hearing stories from other women, most don’t know just how common they are.

The biggest thing I have a problem with is this overwhelmingly global feeling of shame and secrecy regarding miscarriages.

Why would a woman feel like she did something wrong or like she made poor decisions that led to a miscarriage?

Why would she want to keep the information of her pregnancy from her friends and family for 3 months just because she might have a miscarriage?

If they are so common, what is the shame in telling people that this time it didn’t work out because it wasn’t going to be the perfect one?

Within the first week that we found out I was pregnant, we told all of our closest friends and family (parents and siblings on both sides, at least 10 of our friends).

And I don’t regret it at all.

When I had my miscarriage,  I went to the people that I love and because they already knew, it was easier to include them in our support system.

Now, I’m not recommending sharing the news on social media, but if that’s where your support system is, than go for it!

It’s your pregnancy. You be you.

Just remember that every time someone asks you about your pregnancy after you have a miscarriage, it may feel like you’re reopening a wound.

Know that there are millions of woman out there who have had miscarriages and we don’t blame you for your body’s decision to try again another time, so you shouldn’t either!

There are no definitive answers for why miscarriages happen and no scouring the internet or beating yourself up is going to give you the answers.

Just think, now you get to go back to the fun part. Trying!


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