Preparing For Pregnancy

We all want to take care of ourselves the best that we can.

This becomes even more important when preparing your body to build a tiny human!

Quit the caffeine!

Your body will likely stress out from caffeine withdrawal if you decide to quit drinking coffee the day you find out you’re pregnant. I would recommend switching to decaf coffee or tea if you’re actively trying to get pregnant. I got headaches for a couple days after I stopped drinking it and am going to continue with the decaf since we’re still trying! It’s not required that you cut it out completely but in my opinion, its just easier to find a yummy decaf like Kicking Horse Decaf (made in BC!) and stick to that.

Get your partner on board!

It takes two to make a baby so make sure he’s in tip top shape as well!  If you need to start exercising together, start now! Getting both of you eating healthy is important and getting him to cut back on things such as smoking, marijuana use, and alcohol will help the salmon swim up the stream.

Get some vitamins in your system!

There are several vitamins that the internet claims may help with fertility, sperm counts, and just your general health to build the best oven for your little bun.

The Bump has a pretty great list of vitamins to take while trying to conceive which include zinc (contributes to ovulation), coenzyme Q10 (may improve egg health), iron (helps in red blood cell production), calcium (for growing babies), and vitamin B6 (may help to reduce morning sickness).

Last but certainly not least, you don’t have to wait until your pregnant to start taking prenatal vitamins; it’s actually recommended that you start if you are trying to conceive.  Check out my Deals & Freebies tab to find out how you can get free prenatal vitamins!

Of course, always ask your doctor or midwife before taking any supplements or vitamins when trying to conceive! 

Get moving!

In addition to eating healthy, a half hour walk every day to keep the blood flowing and the hips moving is a great idea. I go walking for half of my lunch break at work as it’s nice to get some fresh air midday and its good for a brain break as well! Prenatal yoga is also beneficial to start opening up your hips, preparing yourself for the weight of pregnancy and stress of birth.

Educate yourself!

Get reading! The more knowledge you have going into the pregnancy, the less likely you will be freaked out about this new adventure.  Keep an open mind and don’t go reading too many horror stories.  Get the basics and just know that every woman is different meaning every pregnancy will be different, too!

Cleanse your home and body products of toxins!

The less toxins in your home and body the better when you’re trying to conceive.  Try your best to cut out chemical based cleaners and lotions/body products that include sulfates, irritants, and perfumes.  Vinegar is an awesome household cleaner and coconut oil works great for body and face lotion.  I started rubbing coconut oil on my belly and my side tattoo immediately after finding out I was pregnant to try and avoid stretch marks (and also just have super soft skin!)

Do the obvious!

Drinking, smoking, and drugs (prescription too!) are going to do more harm than good when trying to conceive.  If you are having a hard time quitting smoking, try weaning yourself off and limiting your toxin intake by using an electronic cigarette. (You’ll still need to quit all together for baby though!)

Visit these awesome websites for more great pre-conception tips!

Fit Pregnancy

Belly Belly

Good luck to you and remember the steadfast rule:

At first you don’t succeed, try, try again”

Luckily for you, trying is the best part of all!


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