Pregnancy Calculator

If you’ve just found out you’re pregnant (especially for the first time), you probably have a lot of questions!

One of the biggest questions you have is most likely, what’s my babies due date and how far along am I?

PinkPad Period Tracker

There are many tools online to help you find the due date.

Some things to know:

LMP: Last menstrual period; most pregnancy calculators will ask you for this date. It’s the first day of your last period.

Clue App
Clue App


Ovulation date: “When do you ovulate?” is a common question asked by women.  Period trackers and ovulation trackers like the Clue App or PinkPad will help you find these answers! If you’re not using a period tracker or ovulation tracker, you can generally determine this date by counting 16-18 days after your LMP.

Gestation: This is generally 240 days or 40 weeks from your LMP until birth.  It usually varies by a few days (+/- 13) depending on variables including which pregnancy this is for you.

Pregnancy Calculators

Naegele’s rule: “The old school way of calculating due date”

Take the date of your LMP, add 9 months, add 7 days. Voila!

(For me, Oct 31 + 9 months = July 31 + 7 days = August 6!)

Society of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists of Canada Pregnancy Calculator

Perinatology Pregnancy Calculator – I like this one as it gives more detail, such as the date when you should first be able to hear baby’s Doppler heartbeat.

Perinatology Pregnancy-Calculator Screenshot

Post your due date in the comments!


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