My Mirena IUD Experience

You’re probably intrigued about the Mirena IUD as I was before I got mine, I just wish I had done some more research and looked up more personal reviews before I jumped on board.

Previous to being on the Mirena IUD, I had tried two different types of birth control pills (Linessa & Marvelon).

I honestly didn’t have an issue with either of them, I just wanted to try something that didn’t require hormones being ingested every day. (As far as “they” say, the Mirena IUD’s hormones are more local to your cervix/uterus than birth control pills.)

In total, I had the Mirena IUD in for a year and 8 months.  In the end, my decision to have it removed was based on cysts that I had developed in the last several months of having the IUD in.

Let me tell you, getting the IUD in was one of the WORST experiences I’ve ever had.

I think I told the doctor about 4 times that he’s lucky I didn’t punch him.

It was extremely painful as they had to use these prongs to essentially pull my cervix down in order to put the silly little thing in.

But I’ve also heard that some women don’t even notice, even ones that have never given birth before so I’m not sure what the difference in anatomy would be that it would make it extremely painful for some and painless for others.

About a year after I got the IUD in, I started to experience a strange throbbing pain on either my left or right lower abdomen or for a couple of days a month.

The short story is that I found out I had ovarian cysts.

The long story can be found on my post about Homeopathic Treatment for Ovarian Cysts.

Now, maybe there were other factors contributing to me ending up with ovarian cysts, but the only thing that really makes logical sense, is the addition of that tiny little “T.”

The website (which doesn’t seem to be working) used to state that the Mirena IUD may increase chances of ovarian cysts.

This drug lawsuit site says that almost 10 percent of women who use the Mirena IUD will develop cysts and women are 3 times most likely to develop them!!

I also have a family friend who decided to get the Mirena IUD after years of suffering debilitating menstrual cramps.

She started bleeding heavier than ever and after spending a week in bed in pain, she finally went to the doctor and he told her that the IUD had moved and punctured into her sensitive tissue.

Needless to say, she got it removed right away and didn’t look back.

As for me, I’ve now been birth control free since March 2015 and couldn’t be happier.

My periods are barely 4 days long, I finally feel in tune with my hormones and my body, and now we’re preparing for pregnancy!

What’s your Mirena IUD story? 


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