Homeopathic Treatment for Ovarian Cysts

Now, I’m not a doctor and I’m not a naturopath, but I want to share my amazing story of how I shrunk my ovarian cysts and taught the doctors a lesson on ovarian cyst home treatment.

In the summer of 2014 (after about a year of having the Mirena IUD in) I started getting strange throbbing pains in the lower left and right side of my abdomen.  It would last a couple of days every month and then subside.

After a few months of this pain (which worsened with every month that went by) I finally went to the doctor.

He told me it was most likely ovarian cysts so he scheduled me for an ultrasound and I went on my way.

Now, time went by and I didn’t hear anything from him so I assumed that everything was good.

I started taking this supplement called DIM (a hormonal/estrogen balance supplement I read about on a blog) because:

  1. It is said to help to shrink ovarian cysts;
  2. The doctor said that, short of surgically removing the cysts (which they would have to be over a certain size to do so anyway) there was nothing he could do – and I was not happy with that answer!

Even in the first month of taking DIM, the throbbing had already lessened and within the next few months, the pain disappeared completely.

Fast forward 6 months…

I get a call from my doctor’s office (which is now in a different part of the province that I’m living in at that time) about a reminder for my PAP test.

Since I have her on the phone, I inquire with her about the results from my ultrasound that I had because I didn’t ever get an answer. (They “didn’t have my number” – which is suspicious, since they called me.

She looks up the information for me and then hesitates (never a good sign).

The assistant gets the doctor and hands the phone over to him so he can talk to me about it.

He says, “Oh, we didn’t call you back about this?”

My heart is starting to beat a little faster.

He says, “Well, you had an 8 cm cyst on your ovary.”

8 cm??? That’s the size of a lemon!

So of course, I panic and eventually end up at a gynaeocologist.

He asks me about the pain, symptoms, etc and tell him that honestly, I hadn’t had any since I started taking DIM.

He hadn’t even heard of it.

The best part was that he also had the same attitude about the cysts saying, there’s nothing they could do about them short of surgically removing them.

When I started seeing a naturopath at the Boucher Institute after being told time and time again that there’s nothing that can be done about cysts, she laughed and assured me, there’s always something that can be done. It may just not align with most doctor’s Western practices.

She applauded me for taking my own initiative and not believing that nonsense.

I have since gotten another ultrasound and the cysts are minuscule compared to when they were at lemon-sized.

I would absolutely recommend DIM and I also recommend getting a second opinion when a doctor tells you that there’s nothing that can be done. You know your body the best!

Sometimes its through internet research, sometimes through a friend’s advice, sometimes a naturopath.

Other home remedies for ovarian cysts include:

  1. Reduce your soy intake.

  2. Eliminate toxins from your home and body.

  3. Start using a laundry soap instead of a detergent. (Most laundry detergents contain ingredients which disrupt hormone balance and proper endocrine function – try Eco Nuts Certified Organic laundry soap.

  4. Herbs such as black cohosh, maca root & milk thistle seed.

Just make sure you are making informed decisions for your body (especially your baby making parts!!)

Have you ever been told by doctors that you’re just going to have to live with being sick?

What alternative roads have you taken?


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