Footlogix Anti-Fungal Toe Tincture Review

Footlogix Anti-Fungal Tincture Spray:

My husband has suffered from toenail fungus for the past 10 years and short of taking the prescription drugs, he has tried everything.

I took it upon myself once we met to search the internet (mostly Pinterest) high and low for a product that would finally help him!

Footlogix Anti-Fungal Toe Tincture

We happened upon this product after getting a couples pedicure (I know, we’re so cute) and the woman who was dealing with my hubby said that her brother suffered for a long time with toenail fungus and this was the only thing that worked for him.

We have been using it for the last 3 months and its the only thing that we’ve gotten any progress with!

He finally has some new toenail growing in to replace the dead toenail fungus part of the nail!

After trying tea tree, coconut, every toenail fungus spray that exists at the drug store, I’m so happy we found something that worked!


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