FREE Prenatal Vitamins

Did you know that you can get FREE prenatal vitamins??

One of my favorite programs is the one that Thrifty Foods and Sobeys has in Canada.

Before or during your pregnancy, you can go into any Thrifty Foods or Sobeys Pharmacy and sign up for their Baby Be Healthy program.

Every month they will call you to pick up your month’s prescription to free prenatal vitamins! No medical plan required! No strings attached.

I filled out a form, waited for the pharmacist to go over my information and VOILA! 15 minutes later, I had a 30 day supply for prenatal vitamins!

For my American friends:

Meijer Supermarket and Dierbergs stores also have a similar program where they will supply FREE prenatal vitamins for your pregnancy!

I’ve heard rumours that Walmart and Kroger also have the same program but I can’t find the information on their websites. You may want to ask!

Pregnancy and parenthood is expensive already! Don’t pay for prenatal vitamins when you get get them for free!


Let me know if you know of any other stores or supermarkets that provide

FREE prenatal vitamins!!


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