About the Mommy-to-Be


My name is Samantha, a small town BC girl.

Join me and my hubby in our journey to becoming parents. These are exciting (and different) times for making a family so I hope to hear lots of suggestions and helpful hints from you!

Thanks ladies (& gents!)



A Little About My Mommy Blogging Journey

In November 2015 after a miscarriage and not knowing how to fully deal with it, I decided to embark on my blogging journey.

I figured that sharing my story with other women (and men!) would be the best way for me to open up about my journey and realize that many other families are going through similar issues.

When researching how to get my website set up, I realized I needed a little help.

The best website to help you get started if you are thinking about starting a Mommy Blog is Wealthy Affiliate.  Over the years, I have always wanted to start a blog but have never had the resources or guts to do it!

After finding out about Wealthy Affiliate, I got enough encouragement from everyone in the WA community in order to get my blog up and running!

It’s been a week now and I finally have a project that I’m excited to get up and work on every day.

There is so much to learn about the blogging world and Wealthy Affiliate has a FREE training program to help you get on your way.

In fact, all of their content is free. Yep. No scams, no trickery. Just free.

Free to sign up, free courses, free website building tool.

If you want to finally begin your Mommy Blogging (or any other type of blog) journey… Take the leap and check out Wealthy Affiliate!


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