On New Adventures

After three miscarriages, a trip to Europe, many date nights, a lot of tears (happy and sad), we are happy to announce…


We made a little squiggle!

Our squiggle has a tiny little heartbeat, fingernails, a face, and all of the love in the entire world!

We are super excited for the upcoming year and I know we have some great adventures in store!

We are hoping to move out of the city to the small town where my parents live as my husband is hoping to secure a job working in camp (industry) so we can save up some money for a little hobbit hole.

The belly is on it’s way and this mama is hoping that any day the morning/afternoon/evening sickness is on it’s way out.

While it sucks being sick a lot, it’s all for this little peanut/blessing.

We are so happy, and so lucky to have been blessed by this little miracle baby.



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