Pain, Suffering, and Tattoos


It’s great to look outside today and see the amazing weather and my hormones are finally levelling out to match the calmness I see out there.

Friday I had a D&C. Not that it was entirely unexpected. But it happened fast.

Wednesday I got the call that all of the ultrasounds and blood work confirmed what we already suspected.

Thursday I was put on the emergency surgery list but I guess they ended up being too busy so Friday was the day.

I went into it with a decent attitude. I think because I knew that there was never a fetus helped a lot with the mindset. I also had my mom in town and my husband had the day off work so I had my support system with me.

The doctors, anaesthesiologist, RT, nurses and everyone involved were amazing. They were comforting and kind and put up with the demanding attitude I had to get the tube out of my throat when I woke up (I don’t remember this at all.)

All in all – and all things considering – it was a fairly painless experience. The worst part was probably the fact that I didn’t get to eat for two days!

As of now, I haven’t had any cramping or pain and the worst of my worries has been the hormone craziness the last couple days – moodiness, anger, sadness, all of those things at once.

The most amazing part of the whole thing is that yesterday my husband and I were sitting out on a deck having a beverage and he is telling me how proud he is of me for going through all of the physical aspects of this ordeal. Then he says, “You know what, you had to suffer, so I’m going to too. I’m going to go get a tattoo right now.”

I laughed and thought it was cute of him to offer but didn’t really think anything of it since he doesn’t have any… and I have a bunch of them.

Once we left the place we were hanging out at he says, “Okay let’s go find a tattoo place.”   I didn’t think he was serious!

So an hour later, he has an arrow on the inside of his arm as a reminder of the trial that we went through together.  I couldn’t ask for a sweeter, more amazing husband.


One thought on “Pain, Suffering, and Tattoos

  1. I found your page through your pin for the wealth simple review and am so sorry for your loss. My husband and I tried for four years to add a baby to the family and had three miscarriages and a pcos diagnosis. While we were sitting on a waiting list for IVF, we found out we were expecting miracle twins (two eggs). My two littlest girls are going to have their first birthday soon. I just want to encourage you that it’s not over yet. Keep moving forward, and I am thinking of you!


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