A Second Opinion

I finally got in to the doctor for the follow up of my ultrasound and the picture is finally getting a little bit clearer.

According to the doctor that I saw yesterday, there is no doubt in her mind that I did, in fact, get pregnant again.

Talk about a shocker. After being told by the maternity doctor and the emergency room physician that my HCG levels were just a carry-over from the initial miscarriage, the doctor from yesterday said that she has no idea how they would have come to that conclusion.

On the first beta-HCG blood test that I had a couple weeks ago, my levels were at 1750. Higher than a pregnant women at 5 weeks.

I don’t understand how the other doctors thought that those levels would have hung on from a miscarriage a month and a half prior!!

Now that the tissue has passed, hopefully my levels will drop faster and I will need less blood work. The doc called for 2 blood tests per week for the foreseeable future until my levels are back down to 50. (A pregnancy test will come back positive at anything over 50).  At the point of my last blood test, my levels were at 900 still.

The unfortunate part about the entire thing is that the doctor I saw last night was almost certain that I had a tubal pregnancy.

A tubal pregnancy is defined as “an ectopic pregnancy in which the fetus develops in a fallopian tube.”

So while I did get pregnant again, this pregnancy was even less viable than the last one. Under no circumstances can a tubal pregnancy turn into a viable pregnancy but what it can do is cause life threatening bleeding or rupturing.

I’m relieved that my body decided to process the tissue on its own instead of me having to get a surgical procedure to remove it.

I am super sad that once again, I was excited about the possibility of a baby only to be let down by another miscarriage.

Doctors say that they aren’t generally alarmed by miscarriages until you have at least three so I suppose for me, third time will have to be the charm!

In conclusion, all of the sickness and pregnancy symptoms in the last month and a half weren’t in my head, which is a relief to me.

But I am really disappointed that yet again, the pregnancy didn’t work out.

I just have to hold on to that hope that one day, that little embryo will head its way down to where it needs to be and hang on for dear life.


3 thoughts on “A Second Opinion

  1. WOW!! You know, when I first read that they were telling you your numbers were still high from a previous miscarriage, I reaaaallllyyy wondered. This explanation makes much more sense. ((hugs)) to you. Praying that you recover quickly. Happy New Year! XO


  2. Hang in there beautiful. I had multiple miscarriages as well but mine never registered on the scale (totally weird but my doctor knew I was pg because it was me). Hang in there. Breathe. Let your body heal and try again if you choose to.

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  3. Happy to hear that your body was able to handle the ectopic pregnancy on its own and you didn’t need surgery. Have to find the silver lining in everything right? Happy new year! Relax and take this time for yourself to heal emotionally and physically.


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