How Not to Christmas Party

Though I was excited for my work Christmas party this weekend, of course there was the dread of having  to somehow work around the ‘not drinking’ thing.

Friday night came around and I made some pasta for hubby and I.

It was delicious (smoked salmon, pesto and asparagus!) but just around the time I wanted to go to bed – which is 9pm these days – I started to feel incredibly bloated.

I ended up falling asleep but was up at 2am and again at 7 with the worst stomach pains.  It felt like someone had inflated a giant balloon in my upper abdomen.

I couldn’t fall back asleep so I left hubby in bed and did some writing instead.

The early morning seemed to go alright. Then mid morning came and:

Diarrhea While Pregnant

At first I just figured I was clearing out whatever didn’t agree with me the night before.

The afternoon was just as awful and then got progressively worse through the Christmas party.

It was awful!

I felt like I was in that scene of Bridesmaids when they go to the bridal shop. You know the one.

Diarrhea While Pregnant 2

Luckily it didn’t go that far for me. But there were moments I was worried.

On top of it all, I didn’t feel like eating any of the amazing food they had there (turkey, roast, Yorkshire puddings) and people kept coming up to me asking why I wasn’t being social.

I had a couple of “drinks” – short soda and limes which at least looked like a drink – yet people still liked making the pregnant joke.

Fooled them alright!

At least I ended up having an excuse for not drinking but I would have rather not spent half the night in the bathroom!

Sunday wasn’t any better.  Struggled to go grocery shopping as I would make it halfway down the aisle, give “that look” to hubby and then speed walk my way to the bathroom.

I’m still not sure if it was hormones, a flu bug, or food – or a mixture of all of the above.

I’ve heard a lot about women being constipated through their pregnancy but from what I read, poops don’t usually come until the 3rd trimester.

Either way, it was an unpleasant way to spend the weekend!

How Not to Christmas Party
Our last baby-less Christmas party!


Were you affected by the evil tummy beast when you were pregnant?


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