First Ultrasound


Pretending to not be pregnant for work’s sake can be risky business. Especially when it’s Christmas party season, and your coworkers may all have slight drinking problems.

Today at work, everyone started arriving for our yearly summit meeting and Christmas party. Basically what this means at my work is that everyone drinks for three days straight.

Which poses a problem for me because the pregnancy is still on the down-low.

Fast forward to me in the kitchen stealthily pouring out a Strongbow into the sink, rinsing it out and then pouring a ginger ale into it.


At about 2pm (yes, everyone was drinking before this time) I got a phone call from the hospital asking me if I can come in for an ultrasound at 3:30.

I’ve already told my supervisors that I’ve been dealing with ovarian cysts (which isn’t untrue) to lead them off of the pregnancy path for all of the appointments that I’m going to be having.

So I get the O-K to go to the ultrasound and chug about 18 litres of water and head off to the hospital.

Hubby can’t make it as he’s at work so I was a little bit sad about that.

Here I am, so excited to finally see the little dinosaur and figure out how old he/she is!

At that early stage, there’s only so much external ultrasound-ing they can do, so ladies, you know what happened next.

It’s uncomfortable but you bear through it because that’s what we do.

And you’re looking at the monitor pretending like you know what you’re looking at.

You think, “Oh there’s my uterus!” and the tech says, “So that’s your bladder.”

Thoughts vary from, Maybe this thing is upside down, to, Come on, it’s 2015. Haven’t they come up with something better than this bogus black blob screen?

I’m left sitting there feeling like:

first ultrasound

So she’s fiddling around in there, jabbing me left and right and …


Not a creature was stirring, not even a dinosaur.

How disappointing!

Everyone – okay two people – told me that it was really early to be having an ultrasound considering we didn’t even know when the baby was actually conceived.

The tech basically confirmed me by telling me that often times it’s hard to see anything at less than 5 weeks. She checked my ovaries as well just to make sure there wasn’t anything weird going on and all is well on that front!

But what this means is that I’m further behind than I thought! Boo!

Of course, all of the bad thoughts go racing through my mind, especially when my friend tells me that she saw her little peanut at 3 weeks!

Okay I get it, some people just get all of the fun.

I will be awaiting the next appointment when I actually get to see the little bug.

And just going to call it now and say that I think it’s going to be a boy.  You heard it here first!

When did you first see your peanut on the ultrasound?

Was there a point early on where they didn’t show up on your scan?




4 thoughts on “First Ultrasound

  1. Ugh, sorry you couldn’t see anything. My ultrasounds have all been done at 8+ weeks so there’s always been something to see. I’m sure it’s totally normal at so early not to be able to! Gotta love that vaginal u/s! 🙄

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  2. With this 3rd pregancy, the first ultrasound didn’t show anything either. Kinda scary. But then the next time it was done a week later, baby was showing where he was supposed to be. Really, until about week 10-13 if baby doesn’t show, it’s not a huge thing, even though it totally feels like it

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