Pregnancy Irritability

UPDATE: The appointment went well! Although the doctor that we saw wasn’t the one that I was referred to, she was lovely and young and made us feel very comfortable.

She went through our entire family history, told us about the foods to avoid eating, gave me requisitions for blood work and told us that she would try and get us in for an ultrasound earlier than usual to try and alleviate some of the stress with having a pregnancy after a miscarriage.

Also, we aren’t really sure what the due date is at this point because I didn’t have a menstrual cycle between my miscarriage and now, so she wanted to ensure that we find that out.

Now I just have to decide whether I want to go with a mid wife or an OB.

Decisions decisions!

Now, to the task at hand.

I wanted to discuss pregnancy irritability. 

I’m not sure if this is a known symptom or if I’m just exceptionally more cranky than usual for other reasons but I have been finding myself SO irritated about ridiculous things!

Trying to both do the dishes at the same time but not having enough room in our kitchen … Cranky!

Having to get up to put the next episode of our show on … Grumpy!

Get home and the bed isn’t made after hubby was the last one out… UGH!

Pregnancy Irritability

I would (self-reflecting-ly) say that I’m a fairly tolerating person. I usually don’t get upset about stupid things and even more so, I won’t say anything – especially to hubby – when stupid things are annoying me.

But lately.

I’ve been terrible! Noticeably terrible!

And he obviously doesn’t understand the full extent of my sore back and boobs and legs and head and…

I guess I would say the fact that my hormones are on a rampage, my blood is being rerouted from my head, food is hit and miss, in addition to the sore body and extreme tiredness would make a good argument for the case of the grumpies.

I just hope it subsides soon or I might have to go to time out!


Did you get a bad case of the grumpies during your pregnancy? 

What did you do to combat it?



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