Our First Prenatal Appointment

Well folks, the panic is over.

Little dinosaur and I made it through the night and the concert unscathed! (And hubby has upgraded the name from chia seed to dinosaur since that’s what the niño looks like now.)

Below is a fairly accurate photo of what the little fetus looks like.

Minus the teeth.


Today is our first prenatal appointment!

As far as I have been informed, I am going to go get some requisitions for blood work and labs, she’s going to ask me a bunch of questions and then we get to ask our questions!

I’m interested to see how it goes as this doc isn’t going to be our OB (ours is on holidays right now) but I’m sure she will be wonderful!

Here are some of the questions I intend to ask her today:

  1. How much weight should I expect to gain? 
  2. At my next appointment with my real OB, I want to ask her what her stance is on inductions, c-sections, episiotomies (oh gosh I certainly hope this doesn’t happen, ew), and pain medications.
  3. Who do I call if I think I’m having a miscarriage or complications?
  4. What sort of exercise should I be doing?
  5. At what point should I stop travelling/flying? (We hope to visit hubby’s parents overseas in the spring).

I’m sure I’ll think of some other ones while we are in the appointment.

We also have our first midwife appointment in a couple weeks which is also super exciting. I’m interested to see the differences in thoughts, especially regarding Question 2 above!

Then I can decide which way I want to go! (If you have any suggestions for me in terms of midwife vs. doc, please let me know!)

Also, if you want a series of awesome videos that show baby’s development and growth throughout your pregnancy, hop on over to BabyCenter.com.

Get to know what your little chia seed, dinosaur, or alien looks like in all it’s cartoony glory.

I’ll let you know how the appointment goes and all of the things that we ended up doing at the appointment so you can prepare yourself if you’ve never been!

If you aren’t already, follow along with our journey over there114837-magic-marker-icon-arrows-arrow11-right.png

Or share it down there!




2 thoughts on “Our First Prenatal Appointment

  1. A lime already, hey? That is amazing.. I was watching those growth videos and it’s truly amazing in the first 9 weeks how much actually happens. Goes from being nothing to a ball of cells to something that actually resembles a baby! Super cool 🙂


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