Preventing Miscarriage

If you’re looking for a great big post claiming to know the secrets behind preventing a miscarriage using “these 10 great tips,” then you’re going to be greatly disappointed.

I could tell you not to carry your groceries or your toddler inside, to somehow undrink that beer you had or uneat the sushi and beef tartar and Brie cheese you had before you found out.

But I’m not going to tell you those things because, a) they’re ridiculous b) there’s no scientific proof that any of those cause miscarriages.

The biggest proof of this is the fact that, if you’ve ever watched that “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant” show on TLC, you know that a woman can live for 9 months without knowing she’s pregnant.

I honestly always thought that show was a bunch of BS until I heard of it happening to two women within a months time. 

I was over at my girl friend’s place one day and she showed me this woman on Facebook who she went to high school.

She told me that the woman just had a baby. And then proceeded to show me photos from the weekend before of this same person out at the bar, no belly, drink in hand.

Obviously my eyes bugged out of my head a little, wondering what sort of archaic pregnancy practices were happening in her old hometown.

But then she went on to explain to me that for 9 months, this woman had no idea that she was pregnant. No symptoms, no belly (weirdest part), no noticeable kicking. 

So clearly this woman didn’t take prenatal vitamins, probably carried her own groceries in, was clearly drinking during her pregnancy (which is unfortunate, and hopefully that baby turns out okay long term).

What this did give me comfort in though was the fact at there was nothing I could do to prevent that miscarriage, and clearly, none of the reasons or points that bounced around my head were valid.

I learned that there was something outside of my control that caused that little chia seed to wait a little longer.

I learned that there’s no point in blaming myself for something I didn’t cause.

I learned that there was a reason it didn’t happen but none of those reasons had anything to do with me.

And it’s a really great realization to come to, especially at the beginning of a pregnancy after a miscarriage.

So this time around, I’m preventing miscarriage by sending positive thoughts and vibes to that chia seed, living my life in a way that anticipates the arrival of that ridiculously cute bundle of love, and living on the hope that where there is loss, there is time and room for new life.

While I would be greatly disappointed and sad if we lost another baby, I am living in the present and loving that little bunch of cells, looking forward to a bright future.




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