The First Days of Pregnancy

It’s the first couple of days and it’s been a bit weird.

I can’t say I’m as excited as I was a month and a week ago.

Unfortunately, that feeling that something can go wrong is so much stronger after something has gone wrong.

Luckily for me, I have so many supportive friends and family who are helping me keep my hopes up!

I’ve also booked my first prenatal appointment for Tuesday which is super exciting!

Anyway, here is the lowdown of the first couple days and the symptoms of pregnancy I’ve been feeling!

Things That Make Me Feel Nauseous

-The thought of eggs.

-The thought of BBQ’d chicken.

-Beer breath (just because I can’t drink, doesn’t mean hubby can’t!)

-Smell overload (perfumes, candles).

-Things that I eat that my brain imagines are moldy (they aren’t).

-My prenatal vitamins (I know.. weird).

Things I Want to Eat

-Everything but not much of anything (anyone else get that??).

-Cheese. Lots of cheese. Which isn’t far off from normal.

Hours I Want to Sleep

-All of them (8pm bedtime? Okay!)

Things That Make Me Tear Up

-Christmas commercials on the radio about charities.

-Watching any sort of puppy/cat/baby videos online.

Things That Make Me Grumpy

-Wearing jeans.

-Getting hangry because I don’t want to eat anything.

-Going to work because I just want to nap under my desk.


Did you/are you having any obvious pregnancy symptoms?



4 thoughts on “The First Days of Pregnancy

  1. Pregnancy after a loss is definitely a little less joyful because of the natural apprehension we have. ((hugs)) I start feeling really mentally/emotionally comfortable after the twenty week anatomy scan. Unfortunately, for me that’s still 8-9 weeks away!! 😛 Until then, I can only pray that things are going well, and be thankful for all the lovely pregnancy symptoms I’m having. These days that’s still nausea off & on, fatigue (but not as bad as it was), and definite food cravings and aversions!
    So happy for you!! Glad you’re going to have an appointment soon – that’s exciting. 😀

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    1. Yeah! I’m so glad to have that appointment!

      I’ve been feeling pretty good, though I tend to wake up pretty dehydrated in the morning (that lovely hangover feeling without the fun).

      Feeling better now that I’ve past my miscarriage date from last month. Even put up a little mini stocking for Christmas for the chia seed!

      Positive thinking 🙂

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