Could it be??

Well, it’s been a month since I had a miscarriage.

Maybe it was the fact that I had only known for a week but I honestly didn’t see the issue with trying again so soon.

Some information out there recommends waiting a couple of months to start trying again but I obviously some people need more time for healing.

For me, the best way to heal was having that possibility of trying again!

We’re still actively trying but I’ve been skeptical about the idea of getting pregnant the month after a miscarriage.

Hormones in the past month have been a bit confused, as they should be.

To try and sort things out, I downloaded a new cycle tracking app called Clue for my iPad that my friend recommended to me.

It’s super cute and easy to use!

Clue - Period Tracking App

Now, I don’t really have a date for my LMP so I just counted from my miscarriage.

According to the app, I should be getting my period today.

BUT!  I haven’t.

I have also had tender breasts for the last week and no noticeable PMS signs (though according to my husband, this could be at any time of the month!)

In addition, I’ve been feeling weirdly nauseous over the last couple of days so whether or not that’s related, I guess I’ll soon know.

I tried taking a pregnancy test the other day but I have no idea what was happening with that thing.

Instead of a line, I just got a huge splotch and then it started getting bubbles underneath the clear viewing window. Needless to say, I think it was faulty.

Guess I’ll be buying another one tonight!

I’ll keep you updated with what happens!




5 thoughts on “Could it be??

      1. I’ve had three children, two confirmed miscarriages (and another suspected) and I’m pregnant with baby #4 right now. 🙂 I definitely know how exciting it is to be waiting to test and noticing symptoms!! 😀

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      1. Yeah, the way I look at it, I’m already mom to four because I’m beyond my personal miscarriage threat. As long as this little one is meant to be born into our family, I’ll be a mom to four. 🙂 Only God knows, though, of course!

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